About Maricopa County National Adoption Day Foundation

NATIONAL ADOPTION DAY is a collective, national effort to raise awareness of more than 110,000 children in foster care waiting for permanent and loving families.  Since its inception, this annual one-day event has made the dreams of nearly 65,000 children come true.

Maricopa County has celebrated National Adoption Day for 17 years.  Last fall, in Maricopa County alone, 261 youth were adopted on November 18, 2017.

Each Thanksgiving, we gather together to give thanks for our families and count our blessings. For thousands for children in foster care, this cherished celebration is just a dream.

But there is hope.

On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, courts in 400 communities in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam open their doors to finalize the adoptions of thousands of children from foster care, and to celebrate all families who adopt.  By working with courts, judges, attorneys, adoption professionals, child welfare agencies and advocates, thousands of children in foster care nationwide, realize their dream of having a family and a home on National Adoption Day.

This year in Maricopa County National Adoption Day will be celebrated on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

What happens at National Adoption Day?

National Adoption Day is a special day where adoptions are finalized at the Juvenile Court Center.  In Maricopa County we provide games, entertainment, festive food and gift bags for the children being adopted.  Additionally each adoptive family receives their first official family photograph by a professional photographer right after their hearing.      As Former Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Colleen McNally said, “I encourage everyone who has considered adopting a child to come to National Adoption Day, watch an adoption and take part of the festivities.  It is a great opportunity to learn about the adoption process and to witness a beautiful event with lots of smiling children and families.”