Governor Ducey Kicks Off National Adoption Day 2015

Governor Doug Ducey joined Presiding Judge Janet Barton and Juvenile Court Presiding Judge Colleen McNally at an 8 am press conference on Saturday, November 21 to kick off Maricopa County’s 16th Annual National Adoption Day.

Governor Ducey is a strong advocate for foster care and children finding permanent and loving homes in Arizona.The governor and his wife Angela are aunt, uncle and god parents to a boy who was adopted through the foster care system.

“We are honored to have the Ducey family participate in National Adoption Day. Obviously, they have a huge heart for the children of Arizona,” Judge Barton said. “National Adoption Day (NAD) is a special day where the courts and communities across the nation come together to finalize thousands of adoptions of children form foster care and to celebrate all families who adopt. sNAD brings together hundreds of judges, attorneys, adoption agencies, adoption professional and child advocates who are dedicated to creating forever families for waiting children.”